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Distracted Driving


As you know already, it is illegal to use hand-held wireless communication devices while driving in NB, NS and PEI. This law was put in place to help us remain focused while driving and keep our roads safer. However, using your cell phone isn’t the only thing that can distract you while driving. Many other distractions can cause us to react more slowly, like inputting information into a GPS, eating while driving, the radio, lighting a cigarette etc.

Studies show that a significant percentage of collisions are the result of distracted driving: “driver distraction is a factor in 8 out of 10 – about 4 million – car crashes in each year in North America.” (Source: Public Safety New Brunswick)

There are 4 types of distractions:

1. VISUAL – Visual distractions take your eyes off the road.
2. AUDITORY – Auditory distractions take your focus off the sounds of the road (such as horns or sirens).
3. COGNITIVE – Cognitive distractions take your mind off the road.
4. MANUAL – Manual distractions take your hands off the steering wheel.

Are you paying full attention to the road when you’re driving? Here are a few tips you can use to avoid being a distracted driver.

Before you drive:

1. Allow plenty of travel time
2. Review all maps and directions prior to driving
3. Put all reading material away
4. Keep the vehicle tidy and do not use it as a place to store things
5. Stow and secure loose objects in their proper place
6. Prepare children with everything they need prior to driving
7. Secure pets properly prior to driving
8. Preset climate control and radio prior to driving
9. Pre-program route on GPS devices prior to driving

While driving:

1. Allow phone calls to go to voicemail
2. Do not text, surf the web or read emails
3. Do not eat, drink or groom
4. Do not smoke
5. Stop at safe locations (rest stops or commuter lots) to make and receive calls
6. Keep two hands on the wheel for better control and less fatigue
7. Keep your eyes and mind on the road

Distracted driving can occur any time your attention is taken away from the task of driving. A tragedy can happen when you take your eyes off the road, even if it’s for a quick second. Please stay focused.

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