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Important Facts About Texting and Driving

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The alarming truth about texting and driving in Canada, is that it causes more deaths, that impaired driving. In fact, 25% of reported car accidents involve a cell phone, which amounts to 4,000,000 accidents North America.
1 in 5 drivers will pick up their phone while behind the wheel, disregarding the fact that they are now 8 times more likely to crash. For teens, that number is even higher.
Staring at a phone for even 2 seconds, while going 100km/h, the average highway speed in the Maritimes, you will travel more than half a football field without looking.
Doing the following tips will prevent the dangers that come with texting and driving.

  1. Call, or text who you need to reach, before you drive.
  2. Leave your cell phone on silent to reduce the curiosity that comes with notifications.
  3. Put your cell in your bag, and leave it in the back where it is out of reach.
  4. Understand the consequences that come with texting and driving. Not only the accidents it could cause, but the fines accumulated if caught.
  5.  Pull over if it is important and you need to use your phone while traveling.

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