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Why Do Wrong Way Accidents Occur

Everyday drivers trust and assume that other drivers will follow, and know the rules of the road. But even a simple wrong turn can be catastrophic. Seeing headlights coming towards you on a highway is a scary sight, especially when those headlights are in the same lane as you.

Wrong was accidents are a less common type of accident, but extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal. So why do wrong was accidents occur?
Although signs, barriers, and medians help, wrong way accidents still occur, especially if there is unclear signage, or drivers are unfamiliar with the city. These types of accidents are more likely to occur at night with the combination of tired drivers, intoxicated drivers, and lack of visibility, In fact, statistics show that in the U.S, 78% of wrong way accidents occur between 6pm and 6am.
Wrong way driving often occurs when drivers enter an exit ramp, but it also happens when drivers veer over the centre line. This can occur due to alcohol or drugs, distractions, poor road conditions, lack of signage, and the most common – fatigue.

Protecting yourself from one way accidents also means taking the necessary precautions to ensure you don’t travel on the wrong side of the road. Never drive impaired, distracted, or drowsy. Pay close attention to signage and exit ramps, and only pass vehicles on broken lines giving yourself lots of time.

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