2023 Ford bronco that is subject to Recall in Canada

Recall Alert: Vehicles Dominate the List

Check out the recalls for the last week. This week’s recalls in Canada are dominated by over 20 vehicles being recalled. Additionally, there are beauty products, an infant’s stroller, smokers, electronics and more.

Transport Canada issues over 20 vehicle recalls in 2 days. What to know

Transport Canada has issued over 20 vehicle recalls over five days, each highlighting a unique safety concern.

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Cancer-causing chemical benzene found in popular acne products: US lab

A U.S. lab says it has detected benzene, a chemical that causes cancer, in several popular, over-the-counter acne products including those from brands like Clearasil, ProActiv, Walmart and Clinique, among others.

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Travel PD Charger PD+QC3.0 and USB-C 20W Power Adapter recalled due to electric shock hazard

This recall involves Travel PD Charger PD+QC3.0 with UPC Code 692350235324 and the USC-C 20 W Power Adaptor that has Model A2305 written on bottom of the charger.

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Travel PD Charger PD+ QC3.0 and USB-C 20W Power Adapter
Travel PD Charger PD+ QC3.0 and USB-C 20W Power Adapter
Travel PD Charger PD+ QC3.0 and USB-C 20W Power Adapter
Travel PD Charger PD+ QC3.0 and USB-C 20W Power Adapter

The recalled baby walkers are banned in Canada and may pose an injury hazard.

Children in baby walkers are exposed to hazards that would not normally be accessible if the child were not supported by the walker, posing a variety of risks of injury to the child. Children in baby walkers can also fall down the stairs, which could result in injury or death.

As of March 3, 2024, the company has received no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada.

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smokers Recalled due to Potential Electric Shock Hazard

This recall involves Char-Broil digital electric smokers with model descriptions Digital Electric Smoker; Digital Electric Smoker w/Window; Digital Electric Smoker, Black w/Window; Digital Electric Smoker, Medallion; Digital Electric Smoker, Connected; and Digital Electric Smoker, XL. These electric smokers were designed and intended only for outdoor use to cook without charcoal.

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smoker 2

Akfix 705 Universal Fast Adhesive and Activator products recalled

Akfix 705 Universal Fast Adhesive and Activator

This recall involves the Akfix 705 Universal Fast Adhesive and Activator chemical products packaged in two different sizes.

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