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Vape Company Agrees to $50 Million Settlement for Marketing to Minors

In April 2020, popular vape company, Eonsmoke, ceased operations after court approval that Eonsmoke is permanently enjoined from selling, distributing, offering for sale, marketing, or advertising any tobacco product through any means to consumers.


“Eonsmoke coordinated a campaign that intentionally targeted young people and sold dangerous and addictive vaping products directly to minors through their website; we were the first to take action against this company and its owners, and today we are holding them accountable and permanently stopping them from conducting these illegal practices in our state.”


Eonsmoke agreed to pay $50 million to resolve allegations that it knowingly sold and marketed vapes and vaping products to minors by appealing to their social media preference and using marketing strategies intended to appeal to youth.


It is becoming increasingly popular for courts to hold e-cigarette companies accountable for the harms they are imparting on youth through maliciously strategic methods of advertising.

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