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What are the 3 Dangers for Motorcycle Riding in the Spring?

Spring is among us, and with the warmer weather, motorcycles are back on the road. Spring brings different dangers to driving that motorcyclists should be aware of. The 3 things motorcyclists should watch out for during the spring season is getting caught in spring rain, potholes, and wildlife crossing.

1. Riding in the Rain
If done safely, riding your motorcycle in the rain can be a very enjoyable experience. The first priority however must be safety. If you know you will be riding in the rain, try to wear as much waterproof gear as possible. When driving in the rain, you must remember to change how you handle the bike. Use less lean angles, gradually apply the brakes, and brake early to prevent having to slam on your brakes on the wet road. Double your distance away from other cars, and keep an eye on your rearview to watch for cars that may slide into you.

2. Potholes
Over the winter, water underlying soil freezes and expands, shifting the asphalt, creating potholes for the spring season. When riding a motorcycle, hitting a pothole can damage your bike, and possibly make you lose control. The best way to prevent them is to remain attentive and keep a lookout to avoid them. If they cannot be avoided, slow down as much as possible, and keep a constant speed when you’re about to hit it. keep your front wheels straight, and have a loose grip on the handlebar. Your weight should be towards the back of the bike and be slightly standing up, the shock will be absorbed by your legs. After you’ve hit it, try to avoid the next one!

3. Wildlife Crossing
In the springtime, animals come out of hibernation looking for food, or mates. This can encourage the animals to travel across highways, which is extremely dangerous for all road users, especially motorcyclists. Where there are wildlife crossing signs, it signals more animal traffic, so pay extra attention and keep scanning the road.  Be extra cautious at dawn and dusk, and take note that if one animal is spotted, there are most likely more.
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