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5 Safety Tips for Spring Driving

Winter is over, temperatures are rising, and snow is melting, so we need to adapt to the new season and change our driving habits. Every season carries different dangers that we need to beware of.

Here are 5 safety tips for spring driving.

1. Vehicle Prep

Don’t be too anxious to change your winter tires. There may be sporadic snowfalls, so keep your winter tires until ambient temperatures stay above 7 degrees celsius on average. As well, replace anything that may have been damaged in the harsh winter months.

2. Water Warning

Watch for spring showers that can create flooding, or hydroplaning, which can be extremely dangerous. Spring us a very wet season. If temperatures drop, watch for black ice that can form on the roads, especially in the morning when it is coldest.

3. Watch for Pedestrians

With warmer weather people are hanging up their keys and walking more often. Get used to constantly scanning sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians and children out to play. Remember to always yield to pedestrians and that every intersection has crosswalks, even if they aren’t marked.

4. Share the Road

With warmer weather comes bicycles, and motorcycles. Know how to share the road, always check your rear views and blind spots to avoid a collision with cyclists. Keep your distance and reduce your speed to give yourself extra time to react if need be.

5. Watch for Animals

After a winter of hibernating, animals will come out looking for food, or will begin their mating season, and may make their way onto the road. Be alert while driving and avoid distractions. Keep under the speed limit to give yourself time to slow down if you spot an animal.

Spring is a beautiful season, but it also brings some dangerous driving conditions. Be attentive and alert, and don’t do anything reckless that may put lives in danger.

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