Catastrophic Injury

The price of independence following a catastrophic injury


Recently, we have been focusing on catastrophic injuries in our blog because it is impossible to overstress how much damage such injuries can do to a person’s life. The physical damage alone is life-changing, but the emotional and mental impact these injuries have can be just as devastating. Spinal cord injuries are particularly tragic due to the physical damage they cause and the abrupt changes they bring to the victim’s lifestyle.

Last week we discussed the various professionals who help spinal cord injury patients during recovery. This week we will look at the long-term aftermath of these injuries, particularly the expenses involved with housing and attendant care.

It may be hard to conjure the notion of independence after suffering a severe spinal cord injury, but it is possible, at least to a degree. It is a given that numerous spinal cord injury patients suffering from paraplegia or quadriplegia will require lifetime assistance. However, they can still enjoy a degree of independence with the right help.

When patients can make decisions such as choosing their attendants and housing, they often feel more independent which can improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, the expenses involved in appropriate housing can be a huge obstacle. In many cases, the patient’s existing home must undergo massive alterations or a new home must be found. Either way, the home will have to accommodate the patient’s changed physical conditions. Receiving attendant care services after a patient is discharged from rehabilitation is also a huge expense.

A possible solution to these problems lies with the law. When catastrophic injuries occur due to another’s reckless or negligent behavior, victims can find compensation by consulting with a lawyer. A qualified lawyer will help catastrophic injury patients explore insurance options as well as the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit.Contact Us today at 1-800-606-2529 for more information.

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