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Do You Know What to do in a Hail Storm?

If you’re driving, and a hail storm hits, you should know the proper precautions to keep you, and your vehicle as safe as possible.
Hail can be extremely damaging to your car, it can be dangerous to step outside unprotected, and it causes dangerous road conditions. Hail should be treated as if you are driving in heavy rain, with ice on the road.
Although hail storms typically only last a few minutes, you should follow the proper precautions.

  • Turn on your low beams
  • Drop your speed if you continue to drive
  • Allow 3 times the normal space you would leave from the back bumper of the car ahead of you
  • Park in a safe covered area such as a gas station awning if possible
  • Do not stop under a bridge as it is a crash risk
  • Pull off to the side road with your hazards on until the storm passes

If you are home, and notice that there is a hail storm coming, park your car in the garage, or cover it up to prevent possible damage to the windows, or paint. If large enough, the ice pellets can even dent your vehicle.
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