What forms are required to be completed to open my Section B claim?





If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, then you have the right to get insurance benefits from your own car insurance company, or the insurance company of the other driver, no matter who is at fault for the accident. These benefits are called “Accident Benefits” and include payment for medical and rehabilitation expenses and weekly loss of income benefits. Accident benefits are meant to immediately help you, while your injury is ongoing.

3 forms are required to open a Section B claim:

1. Notice of Claim Form
Fill this Form out yourself and send it back to the insurance company right away.

2. Medical Form

This form should be filled out by your family doctor. Make an appointment and take the form with you. Have the doctor fill it out while you are there. Take the form and send it back to the insurance company. The doctor may charge you a fee. Make sure the doctor writes down all his or her recommendations for treatment or medication. If your doctor wants you to stay off work for awhile make sure that is written on the form as well.
3. Employer Form
If you are going to miss time from work, then you must get your employer to fill out this Form. Send it back to the insurance company right away. If you have not yet been provided with these forms they are contained on our website.

You have one month from the date of the accident to apply for Section B benefits. CLG Injury Law has been helping clients who have suffered injuries from car accidents for over 28 years. During your initial consultation, we will help you fill out the Accident Benefits application. Contact Us at 1-800-606-2529.

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