Ways in which pedestrian accidents could be reduced in Canada

There are multiple modes of transportation that individuals who reside in Canada use to get from one place to another. Motor vehicles are one of those modes. So too is walking. When the two collide–literally–the outcome can be disproportionately devastating to pedestrians.

While it is of course possible that individuals in a car could be hurt in an accident involving a pedestrian, generally, because they are protected by the heavy vehicle that absorbs much of the force from a collision, their injuries are often less serious. Pedestrians on the other hand do not have any protection, resulting in their bodies taking the brunt of the force. Such accidents could be deadly or leave pedestrians with serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries and head trauma.

There are multiple steps that could be taken to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents that occur. Automobile technology that uses radar to detect pedestrians and then activate the brakes of a vehicle could prevent or reduce the severity of the injuries suffered in a collision. These technological features are currently available on only the most expensive vehicles on the road however.

Changes to the infrastructure of cities could also be made to keep pedestrians safer. In addition to installing islands in multilane street crossings, creating dedicated bike lanes on narrower streets could reduce pedestrian accidents. There are more accessible changes that could be made to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents that occur as well. Prohibiting vehicles from making right-hand turns on red could make a difference.

When a pedestrian is hurt after being hit by a car he or she may face permanent disability or a long period of recovery. This can place stress not only on the injured individual but his or her family as well. To make things easier following an incident the injured individual might seek damages from the party responsible for the accident. To be successful in such a claim, negligence must be shown. If a pedestrian died as a result of the injuries suffered in a collision with a vehicle, his or her family may file a lawsuit.

While often worthwhile, these lawsuits can be complicated and stressful. To reduce that stress working with a lawyer who understands how cases of this nature work is vital.

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