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Safety Tips for Pedestrians

pedestrians scaled

Summer and the warm weather means more people are hanging up their keys, and traveling by foot, which is great for the environment, and your health. But, it may also be dangerous if drivers aren’t expecting you, or the proper rules of the road are not being followed. Here are 10 safety rules you should know as a pedestrian.


  1. Always cross at intersections or in pedestrian safety zones.
  2. Only cross when traffic completely stops
  3. Only cross when the lights indicate you can, even if there are no cars.
  4. Make sure drivers see you before you cross.
  5. Always look up from your phone, or any distractions.
  6. Take out your headphones, or lower your music when crossing the street.
  7. Never assume drivers will yield to you.
  8. Be seen, wear bright clothes, and avoid walking in low visibility.
  9. Watch for cars coming out of parking lots, or backing out of driveways.
  10. If you are crossing where there is no crosswalk, yield to cars.


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