Suing for Disability Benefits in a Union

Long-term disability insurance is optional coverage, and many people who have it receive it as part of employment benefits. While this is often a convenient and affordable way to get LTD insurance, it can limit your options if your claim is denied or your benefits are terminated.

People who are not part of a union can almost always sue the insurance company if their claim is denied or their benefits are terminated, but with some group benefit plans that option is not possible. If your union plan prohibits lawsuits you must go through the union’s appeal or arbitration process to try and get your case resolved.

Not all union plans prevent you from suing and some have grey areas and complex rules that may allow you to file a lawsuit to receive full compensation. A lawyer with experience in long-term disability cases can go over your union regulations with you to determine your legal options. Even if your group plan prevents you from suing the insurance company, a lawyer may still be able to assist you through the appeal process and help you secure fair compensation for your disability.

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