Disability Benefits Denied or Terminated

Many people who have had their long-term disability benefits denied or terminated decide to seek advice from a disability lawyer. LTD cases can be particularly complex because their coverage varies from one policy to another and it isn’t always obvious why your benefits were denied or cut. With car accidents there are fairly clear-cut laws that regulate what you can claim, but the rules governing long-term disability plans are not as broad which causes plans to be very different from one another.

LTD insurance is a contractual relationship between you and your insurance company. Since the insurance company likely has more resources (financial, legal or otherwise) than you do, it is required to act in good faith.

The rules that govern your benefits are explained in your policy, and should include:

  • How much your benefits pay
  • How long they will be paid
  • When you will begin receiving your benefits
  • What can be deducted from your benefits by the insurance company

These points vary from one policy to another and other rules may apply that affect the benefits you are entitled to. Deadlines and appeal periods can vary as well.

Since disability plans can be hard to interpret, it’s particularly useful to get a consultation with a lawyer with extensive experience in long-term disability cases as soon as your benefits have been denied or terminated. A lawyer can help explain your legal options and try to get your benefits back on track.

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