13 12 2016 10 12 15 AM

Are winter tires mandatory in the maritime provinces?

13 12 2016 10 12 15 AM

Did you know that there is only one province in Canada in which having winter tires on your vehicle is mandatory by law? In 2007, Quebec instituted Law 42 which requires all persons operating a motor vehicle to install four winter tires from December 15th to March 15th of every year. Besides the province of Quebec, no other province has a specific law created in favor of the latter, meaning we are lawfully permitted to drive with any type of tire, all year round. There are certainly dangers associated to this. Though many people chose to install winter tires as it’s a vital safety precaution, others decide not to because of the abundant expense it generates.

Though winter tires aren’t necessary, the use or not of them is certainly a factor that comes into play when involved in a motor vehicle accident. For example, a driver’s failure to use winter tires during the winter season could leave them liable for an accident in which they’ve been involved.

That being said, all Canadian provinces do, however, recommend that motorists have winter tires installed when the temperature drops below 7ᵒC as they are designed to have an increased grip in slippery conditions, such as snow or ice.

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