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When to see a doctor after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Meeting a doctor after a motor vehicle accident is very important. It’s a big mistake made by many to not seek medical attention rapidly. Not only can it put your health at risk, but it can also affect your claim and compensation.

Health at risk

First of all, if you wait to visit your doctor, you are putting your health at risk. Not all injuries are immediately visible, and your doctor can make sure you get the treatment you need. Even a minor injury can worsen during the period following the crash if you didn’t visit your doctor. A doctor is trained to take a history, examine you and treat you if necessary.

Validity of legal claim

A doctor’s check-up is especially very important if you decide to file a claim against an insurance company. If you were injured in the accident, it will help prove that the accident was the cause of the injuries. Waiting too long to get medical examination after a motor vehicle accident can also harm your opportunity to obtain a fair amount of compensation. The validity of your legal claim may suffer from the delay of getting medical treatment. If you wait too long, most auto insurers will interpret that as an indication that you are not truly injured.

Meeting a doctor after an accident is important, and not just for legal reasons, for your health as well. With that in mind, try to get a medical consultation as soon as possible after your accident. If you have visible physical injuries, it’s also a good idea to photograph them to document the injuries you sustained in the accident. We invite you to also visit our FAQ page to learn more about what to do after an accident.

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