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When is the Most Dangerous Time to Drive?

During the winter months, accidents rise by 7.4%, and 34% of those traffic incidents are rear-end collisions. The worst time of day to drive is within the first 10 minutes after 5 o’clock. Even though rush hour is 4pm-6pm, within those 10 minutes is when most rush hour accidents take place. Leaving the office even 10  minutes later can reduce the risk of an accident.

Studies have shown that the afternoon rush hour (between 4pm and 6:59pm) is the most dangerous with close to 6,000 fatalities out of 37,000. On the other hand, the morning rush hour traffic (between 7am and 9:59am) has significantly less accidents, and fatalities were only 3,000. Why are there more deaths in the afternoon rush hour?

  1. People are frustrated after a long day;
  2. People are in more of a hurry to get home, then to get to work;
  3. Distracted driving while answering texts, or phone calls;
  4. Increase in impaired driving towards the end of the day.

In general, there are more vehicles on the road from Friday evening, until Sunday, and drivers tend to be more reckless on weekends. As well, alcohol and drug use are higher during the weekend.

Choose the best time to be on the road, and plan your schedule accordingly. By traveling with less vehicles on the road, you can reduce your chance of being in a motor vehicle accident.

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