What can you claim for injuries from a car accident?

what-can-i-claim-injuries-after-car-accident1-150x150.jpgThe goal of compensation is that you are supposed to be no worse off than if the injury or accident never happened. It should restore what you have lost, or offset the difficulties caused by what can’t be restored. As such, you can claim compensation for the following:

  • Your pain and suffering
  • Your loss of quality of life
  • Your loss of past and future income and ability to earn income
  • Your health care expenses
  • Your housekeeping and home maintenance expenses
  • The effect of the accident on your family relationships
  • Your loss of future earning capacity and your loss of competitiveness in the workforce.

Depending on the accident and your personal circumstances, these can be claimed as part of a Section A or Section B claim (or both).

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