Traumatic Brain Injury

The human brain is incredibly complex and surprisingly fragile. A violent impact can cause an injury that has devastating consequences in your life, but because a brain injury is invisible its effects aren’t always immediately obvious.

Brain injuries are a leading cause of disability and death for people under 45, and car accidents are one of the biggest causes of brain injuries. After a serious accident you may be easily irritable, have a hard time finding words when you speak, have a loss of coordination or be unable to concentrate – these are all symptoms of a brain injury and they can seriously affect your ability to work and impact your daily activities.

If you have suffered a brain injury that has had serious and negative consequences in your life, you are entitled to insurance compensation. The CLG Injury Law works with independent medical and financial experts to help determine the impact of your brain injury – what medical care you will need, how long you will need it, and how the injury will affect your ability to work and lead your normal life. With that information, we can help you obtain the insurance settlement you deserve.

If you need to make an insurance claim for your brain injury, contact our personal injury lawyers for a consultation. There are no obligations and it’s completely free. We can help you determine your legal options and decide how to proceed with your claim to get the compensation you need.

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