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Traumatic brain injuries and the challenges that come with them


When most people think about a traumatic brain injury, they tend to focus on the medical needs of the person after the injury occurs. While that is a huge part of life after a TBI, there are other considerations that must be thought about. Housing and transportation are two of these.

We know that you might be thinking that these aren’t too serious; however, for people who have suffered a TBI that affects their ability to care for themselves, these are huge. If you can’t care for yourself, you might be unable to live alone. This could mean that you will have to move into a nursing facility that provides you with the care you need.

Even if you are able to care for yourself, there might be some challenges in the way. You might have memory troubles, which could make it unsafe for you to use a stove. That would mean that you would need other, safer ways to make meals for yourself. Or, you might have to have the meals delivered.

When it comes to transportation, your TBI might mean that you can’t drive yourself. This means that you might need to figure out using public transportation, which could mean that you incur an expense each time you need to go somewhere.

The fact of the matter is that a TBI affects areas of your life that you might not realize. Housing and transportation issues could cause financial difficulties. They could also mean that you don’t have the social or work life that you are accustomed to.

Seeking compensation for your injury won’t make the challenges go away, but it might give you the means to get the items you need to cope with the unexpected hardships. We can help you to explore your options for seeking the compensation you need.

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