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Tips and Benefits to Using a Roundabout

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Roundabouts are the safer, less congested, more attractive alternative to an intersection. In an intersection there are 32 places traffic can collide, or cross. In a roundabout there are only 8. The continuous flow reduces congestion, and slows the vehicles down. There are fewer stops, shorter delays, and a higher capacity of cars can travel at the same time.

Here are 5 tips to follow when using a roundabout.

1. Yield to vehicles already in the circle, and watch for cyclists, and pedestrians;

2. Enter the roundabout only when there is a safe gap in traffic;

3. Don’t pass other vehicles when in the roundabout;

4. Don’t stop in the roundabout, unless it is to avoid a collision;

5. Always signal your intentions.

There are many benefits to roundabouts compared to intersections. As they become more common, you will probably see more on a day to day basis. Know how to use it properly, and safely to avoid congested traffic collisions.

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