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The Need for Safe Speed

Speed limits are a must have for traffic control, safety in neighborhoods, pedestrian zones, and for avoidance of collisions. Speeding is the number one cause of accidents, and the most important aspect of traffic laws to obey on the road.

Traffic investigations have shown that most people will drive the road as they perceive the conditions and will ignore the posted speed limit, classifying it as “unreasonable”. This is shown through “before and after” speed studies where reducing or increasing the posted speed limit has had no impact on the actual speed of drivers. It is important to note that speed limits are created with road structure, road conditions, and location in mind to maximize driver and pedestrian safety.

Tips for Slowing Down on the Road:

  1. Ignore the Other DriversOftentimes fast drivers pressure us to speed up, by either approaching quickly from behind, or passing so quickly we feel like we are driving too slowly. The best thing you can do is focus on yourself and not conform to the speed of those around you.
  2. Keep to the RightThe best thing to do when surrounded by speeding drivers, is to stay out of their way. This will allow you to focus on your own driving without the pressure or stress from others on the road. Keeping to the right lane as much as possible will allow speeders to pass you if need be while reducing the chance of collision.
  3. Plan AheadA common reason for speeding is because we’re running late. It is a good idea to add extra time on to your commute to accommodate for unexpected traffic, construction, or anything that might interfere with getting to your destination. Further, know the common times of day when traffic may be heavier such as 9am and 5pm. When driving stressed and deciding to speed, you create unnecessary danger to you and those around you.
  4. Use Cruise ControlWhen driving on the highway, the easiest way to avoid carelessly speeding is to use cruise control. You can easily set the pace to the posted speed limit, and your car will take care of maintaining and regulating your speed. This ensures that you won’t conform to other drivers on the road who may be driving too fast.
  5. Learn the Cost of SpeedingThe punishment for speeding depends on the area you were driving in, and how fast you were going, but nonetheless, speeding tickets are often a hefty sum. Speeding doesn’t only cost you legal fees but is a dangerous risk to take in the case of an accident. As your speed increases, the harder the impact upon crash which can lead to further damage and injury.

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