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The Dangers of Driving High

Drug impaired driving has been illegal since 1925, however, the discussion about driving under the influence is mainly focused around alcohol. Twenty-five percent (25%) of cannabis users have reported driving while high in their past. It is important to know, and educate that driving high is illegal, and can cause serious damage.
The use of Cannabis is now legal in Canada, but driving while high is illegal, and doubles the risk of a fatal, or serious injury crash. You could face consequences including a fine, criminal charges, or even jail time.
Cannabis can give you a sense of euphoria, relaxation, and heightened sensory experiences. It can make you feel relaxed and happy, but it can also be unpleasant giving you feelings of confusion, sleepiness, impaired ability to remember, concentrate, or react quickly, anxiety, and panic.
Drugs impair your balance and coordination, motor skills, attention, judgment, reaction time, and decision making skills. Specifically while driving, the danger lies with the effects of reduced alertness, altered depth perception, impaired concentration, worsened attention span, slowed reaction time, and affected motor skills, and visual function.
Every 3 hours a drug impaired driving incident is reported in Canada. So what can you do to reduce impaired driving on the road? If you are planning on using, have a designated driver, call a cab, take public transit, or stay over. If someone you know is planning on driving under the influence, offer then alternative options to stay off the road.
Never drive, or let your loved ones drive under the influence, for their safety, and the safety of everyone.
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