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The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made by New Motorcyclists

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Here are the 10 most common mistakes made by new motorcycle riders.

1. Not Wearing Protective Gear

Even though this is not a mistake that happens by accident, many new riders believe they do not have to wear all the proper protective gear. Hopefully you will never have to learn the hard way that gear is a must.

2. Stalling

Although stalling is embarrassing, it is not bad for your bike. Stalling is letting out the clutch too fast, holding the clutch in for too long, or not giving enough throttle.

3. Driving Aggressively

Getting a bike is new and exciting, and also very cool. What you have to remember is that you are much more vulnerable on a bike than you are in a car. So take it slow, follow all the road rules, and drive defensively.

4. Dropping the Bike

Dropping the bike is when you forget to put down the kickstand, or lose balance while stopped, or traveling slow in traffic. By applying the right techniques, and using the kickstand, the practice will turn into a habit.

5. Not Canceling Turn Signals

For most bikes, the turn signal is not automatically turned off, like in cars. So a common mistake for any inexperienced driver, especially one who switches often from car, to bike, is to leave the signal on by mistake.

6. Running Out Of Fuel

Most bikes don’t have a fuel gauge, so it is a common mistake for newbies to run out of gas. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a pain to deal with. To check your fuel level, regularly take a look inside the tank to see if you’re close to empty. After a while, you will know your bike well enough to estimate how far you can travel before needing gas.

7. Sliding Off the Road

Sliding off the road is scary, and dangerous. When road conditions aren’t great, your tires can lose traction and slide. This can happen if it’s raining, or even if there’s sand, or gravel on the road. By not going too fast, and keeping an eye out for what’s to come, you can reduce this chance.

8. Forgetting to Counter-Steer

Counter-steering does not come naturally at first. It may feel off, but in order to maximize your turning ability, press your weight to the right handlebar if turning right, and your weight to the left handlebar if turning left. After enough practice it’ll feel more natural.

9. Taking it Fast Around Corners

When traveling through an open road, you may not notice a turn coming up, or you may not slow down. Taking a corner too fast is more dangerous than when in a car, so it is important to turn with care, and slow down for your safety.

10. Neglecting Basic Bike Maintenance

Keeping with your basic bike maintenance needs to be a habit, just like maintaining your basic car maintenance. By keeping your bike properly maintained, you can rely on it while out for a cruise.

Just like doing anything new, there will be mistakes, and hopefully you can learn from them. Riding safely is the number one priority, and with enough practice, you will be a seasoned pro in no time.

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