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Should You Install a Dashboard Cam

10% of Canadian drivers have joined the trend of installing a dashboard camera into their motor vehicle. A dashboard cam is a camera that continuously records the view outside, and even inside your vehicle. Once installed, it can be synced to your car ignition, and even records when motions are sensed, protecting your car from theft, hit and runs, and vandalism.
What are the advantages to installing a dashboard camera?
1. Prove What Happened
By having a hard copy of the accident, you can prove to the police, without a doubt what happened. Giving clear, definite footage, you can prove the other side’s negligence and help advance your claim.
2. Have a Record Of Your Accident
After a motor vehicle accident, your memory, or description of an accident can change with time. Having a record can help avoid holes, or fluctuations in your story.
3. Get Out of a Ticket
If you’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation you haven’t committed, a dashboard cam can help prove your innocence. For example, having a two way camera can show that you were not texting and driving, or that you were wearing your seatbelt while driving.
4. Fight Insurance Fraud
By recording an accident that would normally be ‘their word against mine’, you now have an advantage to prove fault.
5. Keep Watch On Your Unattended Vehicle
By having cameras that are motion detected, even when you aren’t in the car, you can have surveillance in case of vandalism, theft, and a hit and run. Not only that, but having a camera may discourage criminals.
Having a dashboard camera may not cut down your insurance cost, but it can be very helpful and can save you money in the long run.
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