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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders and Drivers


Riding a motorcycle is a way of transportation many people enjoy. However, motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users in Atlantic Canada.

Even though motorcycle riding is often seasonal, and motorcycles are only 2% of registered vehicles on the road, 10% of Canada’s motor vehicle fatalities are motorcyclists.

Due to the vulnerability of the rider, motorcycle crashes cause catastrophic injuries which are on average 10 times as severe as those resulting from accidents involving cars.

Here are some tips to safely sharing the road as a driver:

  1. Never Tailgate. Leave a greater distance behind motorcycles than you would for cars.
  2. Check your mirrors, and blind-spot before signaling for lane changes.
  3. Pay extra attention at intersections, as that is where most crashes happen.
  4. Never share a lane with a cyclist, leave your distance.
  5. Don’t drive distracted.

Motorcycles can be hard to see when driving. Don’t let your negligence be the reason for the injury, follow these tips to ensure a safe road for you, and the motorcyclists.

As a motorcyclist:

  1. Always wear protective gear. A helmet, gloves, and protective body gear can protect you from injury and death.
  2. Drive responsibly. Respect the speed limit, never drive impaired, and follow the proper rules of the road.
  3. Signal merges, turns, and lane changes so motorists are aware of your intentions and whereabouts.


Motorcycle riders can ride their whole lives without a scratch. There’s a risk to anything, especially on the road, but before taking your bike for a spin, it’s important to know what can happen, and use defensive driving tips to avoid an accident.


It is everyone’s responsibility to share the road; let’s keep everyone safe this summer season.


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