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Safety Tips for Drivers and Riders On Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Warmer months are upon us, and spring is the beginning of motorcycle season. That is why May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. The risk of death among motorcyclists is significantly higher than driving a car which is why everyone needs to take the necessary precautions.
Here are some tips to safely share the road as a driver.

  1. Never Tailgate. Leave a greater distance behind motorcycles than you would for cars.
  2. Check your mirrors, and blindspot before signalling for lane changes.
  3. Pay extra attention at intersections as that is where the majority of crashes happen.
  4. Never share a lane with a cyclist, leave your distance.
  5. Don’t drive distracted.

As a motorcyclist:

  1. Always wear protective gear. A helmet, gloves, and protective body gear can protect you from injury and death.
  2. Drive responsibly. Respect the speed limit, never drive impaired, and follow the proper rules of the road.
  3. Signal merges, turns, and lane changes so motorists are aware of your intentions and whereabouts.

It is everyones responsibility to share the road. Let’s keep everyone safe.

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