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Rehabilitation after a brain injury possibly hard to come by


Rehabilitation after a traumatic brain injury is a crucial part of recovery. The process of rehab can help people with a TBI to learn how to live life again. The skills learned in rehab can help them learn how to overcome obstacles so they can perform self care tasks and possibly work. There is an issue for people on Prince Edward Island who suffer from a TBI. That issue is that there isn’t a rehab team set up on the island that can help people who have suffered from a catastrophic injury.

Back in 2010, a resolution was passed that said the province would look into setting up a rehab team. The resolution hasn’t been acted upon. The lack of a rehab center might not seem like a big deal to some people, but for people with a TBI, the lack of rehab can mean that a life-altering injury will continue to make life even more difficult.

Some people who suffer from a TBI are told they can go to the rehab program in Halifax; however, that can be difficult or impossible because of the travel required. That fact has people calling for Prince Edward Island to get rehab services similar to those that are available in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia.

Even without a rehab clinic, there are services that people with a TBI can utilize. Because some of the services might come at a high cost. people with a TBI might choose to seek compensation for the injury if it was caused by the negligence of another person.

Source: CBC News, “‘There’s been nothing done’: No brain injury rehab team on P.E.I. yet,” Kevin Yarr, May 27, 2016

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