Over 246,000 Volkswagen SUVs Recalled in Canada Due to Safety Concerns

Volkswagen is recalling more than 246,000 SUVs in the U.S and Canada due to possible unexpected braking from faulty wiring harnesses.

This is because electrical contacts on a wiring harness in either of the front doors of the vehicle can corrode, triggering the alarms and parking brake. Due to this issue, some drivers have reported that the warning lights and alarms would go off, as well as the driver’s side windows would roll down before the vehicle would suddenly stop in traffic.

Although Volkswagen spokesperson say’s “any potential unexpected braking would only occur at very low speeds”, safety regulators have reported 47 reports about the problem, with drivers nearly rear-ended from unexpected braking.

The recall covers Atlas SUVs from 2019 through 2023 and Atlas Cross Sport models from 2020 through 2023.

This problem can also cause the side air bag to deploy late in the case of a crash. No fix has been developed yet, but Volkswagen is in the process of issuing a recall – owners will get letters formally informing them of the recall starting May 10.

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