Abegail Gallano
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Abegail Gallano arrived in New Brunswick, Canada as an international student and enrolled at NBCC Fredericton, where she pursued a Business Administration Marketing program with honors. She successfully completed her studies in June 2023. Before joining CLG Injury Law as an Administrative Assistant, Aby gained valuable experience in administrative roles in various countries, including the Philippines, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the Philippines. Aby is known for her exceptional organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently at work.

Beyond her professional life, Aby enjoys a variety of hobbies, including watching series, baking, cooking, cycling, and hiking. She has also had the opportunity to explore countries across Asia, Europe, US and the Middle East through her travels.

Email: reception@clginjurylaw.ca

Phone: 506-867-2529