How long will it take for my case to settle?


Most people who decide to file a personal injury law claim have one question that seems to repeat itself: How long will it take for my case to settle? First and foremost, any lawyer will tell you that it is impossible to predict an answer to such a question in the early stages of a case. Some cases settle within years, as others will take several years to settle or go to trial. Your next question may be why does it take so long to settle a case? Its simple: the lawyer wants to insure every base is covered, ensuring you proper compensation. In fact, there are three criteria’s that must be taken into account in such a situation:

  1. Your medical records and bills are collected by your lawyer or paralegal, and often take time to obtain as they must be requested from different physician’s offices.
  2. Your actual recovery time will affect the time frame of the case, as there may be different medical complications that could arise during your case. Allowing some time to pass ensures your lawyer goes after every damage caused to you, including every form of pain and suffering.
  3. Insurance companies often retain the funds for a period of time before releasing the settlement cheque. This may push back your claim time, as it can’t be settled before compensation is given where it’s due.


It is important to remember that every case is different, and that it is always in your best interest not to rush the process of a personal injury claim. These types of claims can be very delicate and demand lots of investigation. Our lawyers are awaiting your call, and look forward to studying your case and assisting you on the road to rehabilitation. Call us today: 1(800) 606-2529 or visit our website www.cantini.com


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