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Injured in a public transit accident – Am I liable?


Although less frequent than car accidents, Canadians are injured in bus and train accidents every year. If you suffer from injuries following a public transit accident, you may be wondering if you are liable or not and what your options are.

Can I claim for damages?

Those injured in public transit accidents may claim for damages against the bus or train operator, as well as the municipality. If the accident was caused by a public transit vehicle, such as a bus or subway, the municipality may be liable for injuries that result from that accident. When private bus or train companies are at fault in causing injury, then both the private operator and the municipality may bear responsibility for the accident.

If negligence on the part of the bus or train operator was a factor in your accident, you can make a claim against the responsible party for damages. These “damages” include an assessment of your financial losses and the pain and suffering that resulted from your injuries. These may include loss of past income, estimated future income loss, medical and rehabilitation costs, home maintenance and housekeeping expenses and family expenses.

Common Injuries

The lack of seatbelts in busses and trains can result in devastating injuries when occupants are involved in a crash. The most common injuries are whiplash and spinal injuries, fractures, cuts, bruises and head injuries. In addition to injuries caused to the bus or train passengers, pedestrians and other vehicle occupants often suffer serious injury in collisions with these larger vehicles. In pedestrian accidents, the resulting injuries are often severe and in such accidents, death most often results when there was a significant brain or head injury.

If you were injured in a public transit, bus or train accident, call us today to find out about your rights for compensation. Cantini Law|Droit has over 29 years of experience advocating for clients who have suffered injuries following a motor vehicle accident. We have offices in Moncton, Saint John, Halifax and Charlottetown. Contact us today for your free consultation: 1-800-606-2529.

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