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Dell Involved in Class Action Lawsuit Due to Customer Data Breach

Any customers who have purchased Dell products, or if you’ve spoken with Dell customer service/tech support between 2008 and June 2017 and have received any Dell Tech Support Scam calls or emails in the past 2 years, may have been affected by a major data breach that took place in 2017.

This data breach allegedly exposed the personal information of thousands of Canadian Dell customers including warranty information, service history, model numbers, and personal information. A call center in India collected and stored said information to put customers in direct contact with scammers seeking to commit fraud and identity theft.

Over 7,000 Canadian Dell members may be included in the current data breach class action lawsuit filed.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) says they “found that Dell failed to adequately investigate the circumstances of the June 2017 breach and failed to adequately respond to customer complaints”. Due to Dell’s negligence, customers are exposed to a real and substantial risk of identity theft, cybercrime, and scams.

The case of one Dell customer affected by the breach states that he received scam calls 5 to 10 times per day at all hours for 2 years. “The calls would wake him from sleep, and constantly interrupt his life. He was left with no option but to change his work phone number to escape the calls”.

Dell has released a statement noting that it places the highest priority on the protection of consumer data.

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