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Death and serious injuries that could have been avoided

Many road tragedies occurred in the last few months causing death and serious injuries that could have been avoided. Common factors leading to these fatalities and serious injuries are impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding and not wearing seatbelts.

Impaired Driving

Even though people are aware that driving under the influence is illegal, it doesn’t always stop them from doing so. Even one drink can reduce your ability to react to things that happen suddenly while you are driving. The effects of alcohol include blurred or double vision, impaired attention and slowed reflexes. Your life and the lives of others can change forever if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Distracted Driving

Although it is illegal to use hand-held wireless communication devices while driving in NB, NS and PEI, many still choose to use their cell phone while behind the wheel. However, using your cell phone isn’t the only thing that can distract you while driving. Many other distractions can cause us to react more slowly, like inputting information into a GPS, eating while driving, the radio, lighting a cigarette etc. Studies show that a significant percentage of collisions are the result of distracted driving: “driver distraction is a factor in 8 out of 10 – about 4 million – car crashes in each year in North America.” (Source: Public Safety New Brunswick)


Speeding is also a common factor to these road tragedies. The faster a vehicle is moving, the less time the driver has to react to a hazard, and for other road users to react to that vehicle. A speeding vehicle requires more time and distance to stop, and is more difficult to control. Reduce your speed and always respect the limits.


It’s hard to believe, but some don’t always buckle up. Not only could you receive a ticket if you don’t, but evidence show that if you wear a seatbelt properly, you are more likely to survive a crash. Drivers are also responsible for ensuring any children who are not big enough or old enough to use a seatbelt are secured in an appropriate child car seat or booster seat.

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