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Crosswalk Safety Tips for Pedestrians and Drivers

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Accidents at a crosswalk involving pedestrians and drivers are easily preventable. Here are crosswalk safety tips for both pedestrians and drivers.

1. Pedestrians at crosswalks have the right of way, if you are crossing the street, but not at a crosswalk, it is your responsibility to yield to cars.

2. Even though it’s your right of way, still check for cars. Being right isn’t enough.

3. Remove headphones, look up, and stop texting to avoid distractions when using a crosswalk.

4. Expect cars to blow through the intersection, so make eye contact with the driver to acknowledge that he/she has seen you.

5. Illuminate the overhead crosswalk light if provided. This will warn drivers that there is someone crossing.

1. Even if not marked, every intersection is a crosswalk.

2. Yield right of way to the pedestrian.

3. Proactively check for pedestrians. Check sidewalks ahead of time, constantly scanning the area.

4. Do not park within 5m of an intersection as it may obscure the view of the crosswalk for other drivers.

5. Wait until the pedestrian has crossed one lane past the you’re in, before advancing.

Be conscientious of the safety of pedestrians involving a crosswalk. As a pedestrian, don’t make any unexpected turns, and be aware of your surroundings. Crosswalk safety is everyone’s priority.

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