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CLG Injury Law – November 2023 Newsletter

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Our November Newsletter: Legal knowledge with a dash of fun!

In this edition, we bring you essential tips on safe winter driving, health and wellness tips, law procedures and more.

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Enter To Win

You can win a winter tire package worth up to $1000.00!!!

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How the Fall Time Change Affects Your Driving

What To Know About Winter Tires           

Navigating Black Friday: Canadian Driver Safety    

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What can I do if I suffer from TMJ or jaw injuries following a motor vehicle accident?

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Check out these recent recall notices in Canada:

Urgent Recall: Steering Wheel Safety Issue with Certain Polaris UTVs     Learn More >>>

Recall Notice: Hyundai and Kia Recall Millions of Vehicles in North America Due to Fire Risk
Learn More >>>

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How long will my personal injury case take?
Download PDF >>> or Go To Article >>>

Objection - Header for lawyer humour section

A little bit of personal injury lawyer humour to give you a chuckle.

A personal injury lawyer was on vacation in a small rural town. While walking through the streets, he spotted a car that had just been involved in an accident. As expected, a large crowd gathered.

Going by instinct, the attorney was eager to get to the injured, but he couldn’t get near the car. Being very clever, he started shouting loudly, “Let me through! Let me through! I am the son of the victim.”

The crowd made way for him. Lying in front of the car was a donkey.


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