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CLG Injury Law – January 2024 Newsletter

As we bid farewell to 2023 and kick off a brand-new chapter, we’re thrilled to roll out the legal red carpet for the January edition of our newsletter.

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Pedestrian Safety on Maritime Roads in Winter

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5 Defensive Driving Techniques to Use This Winter

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Let’s Clean That Car Off Properly After A Storm
View Safety Tips

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Can concussions impact memory or intelligence?

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Here is a list of recent recalls:

Find More Important Recalls in Our Archives3565f950 faf1 2715 d029 b5fcb861aafe

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Helping Injured Clients

For over 35 years, CLG Injury Lawyers have helped thousands of injured clients. We fight for your rights to receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Providing you the Peace of Mind to focus on your Road to Recovery. Our experienced personal injury lawyers offer a free, no obligation case evaluation. 

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