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CLG Injury Law – December 2023 Newsletter

Jingle All the Way to Legal Clarity: December Legal Insights

It’s December and that means that it is almost time for Santa to arrive. He knows if you have been naughty or nice. Check out our December newsletter full of law news and health/safety tips. It will earn you brownie points with ole Saint Nick. You don’t want a piece of coal, do ya?

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Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Here are some essential tips to help you stay safe while driving in a winter wonderland.

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10 Tips for Throwing a Safe Holiday Party

10 Driver Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

These 10 safe driving tips will ensure you have a memorable and accident-free New Year’s Eve.

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Best Exercises to Ease Lower Back Pain After an Auto Accident (Video)

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What are factors that insurance companies consider while evaluating injury claims?

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Helping Injured Clients

For over 35 years, CLG Injury Lawyers have helped thousands of injured clients. We fight for your rights to receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Providing you the Peace of Mind to focus on your Road to Recovery. Our experienced personal injury lawyers offer a free, no obligation case evaluation. 

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