Class Action Lawsuit Against Kellogg’s Cereal


            There has been a recent class-action lawsuit against popular cereal brand Kellogg’s for allegedly violating certain laws by labeling at least three of their cereals with misleading nutrition and health statements. Kellogg’s is being accused of actively engaging in false advertising by indicating that its products are healthy, whereas the plaintiff claims they contain an excessive amount of sugar.


The lawsuit was against three cereals that used the false statements “Heart Healthy” and “Lightly Sweetened”. Upon further investigation, the plaintiff claims that the three cereals with these labels have no indication of health benefits or specific ingredients to reduce the amount of sugar.


The products covered by the settlement are:


  • Kellogg’s Original Raisin Bran and Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch Cereals. Package stating, “Heart Healthy”.
  • Kellogg’s Smart Start Original Antioxidants Cereal. Package stating, “Heart Healthy” and “Lightly Sweetened”.
  • Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats. Package stating, “Lightly Sweetened”.

Although the company has denied all the accusations against it, both sides have agreed to a settlement offer of $13 million to avoid the costs and risks of litigation. The court has yet to approve the settlement, but assuming it goes forward, the $13 million will be paid in damages, and Kellogg’s will remove misleading health statements from their cereals.


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