Candy Makers Sue Cannabis Companies for Imitating Treats

Mars Wrigley, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints, and fruity confections, has recently filed lawsuits against several cannabis companies across Canada and the United States. Many cannabis companies have found it enormously profitable to purchase empty candy bags that replicate popular candy and resell them filled with mimicked THC-infused treats, including trademark sweets such as Skittles, Starbursts, and LifeSavers.

Mars is asking for millions of dollars in damages, and for the shady websites selling the counterfeit products to be shut down. Wrigley states that the lawsuit is to put an end to illegal and dangerous misuse of infused candy that strongly resembles the candy of Mars Wrigley. Wrigley also hopes to portray the seriousness of the situation to companies who are thinking of selling imitated treats to consumers.

The defendants include,, and which sell products with names such as “Medicated Skittles”, “Starburst Gummies”, and “LifeSavers Medicated Gummies” that were available for purchase online.

Wrigley filed an additional lawsuit against the enormously successful company named Terphogz, who sell Zkittlez – a cannabis-infused treat mimicking the look of Skittles, and even sporting a knock-off “taste the rainbow” slogan that users have thought to be affiliated with Mars Wrigley’s Skittles. Wrigley is seeking a permanent injunction on any products under the Zkittlez name and wants the company to surrender any goods bearing the name.

In August of 2020, an advisory was issued by Health Canada following several cases of children accidentally consuming illegal edible cannabis products, resulting in serious harm, and hospitalization. The continuation of replicated trademark candies creates great risk for children confusing name-brand, family-friendly treats with THC-infused edibles.


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