Can I Get a Rental if my Car is Damaged in an Accident?

car-rental-insurance-after-accident1-150x150.jpgIf your insurance policy has a rental endorsement, your premium may cover the use of that rental. This endorsement is also referred to as “Loss of Use” insurance, since you lost the use of your car because of the accident.

The money you receive to rent a car or the duration of your rental will vary depending on your policy – some loss of use endorsements will cover your rental for a certain time period or up to a maximum dollar amount, whichever comes first; others will give you a daily maximum up to a predefined total amount.

Although rental insurance is generally an inexpensive add-on, it is optional and not all insurance policies have it. If your policy doesn’t have a loss of use endorsement, your insurance company is not obligated to provide you with a rental.

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