Can a Friend or Family Member Make an Insurance Claim

Dealing with an insurance claim can be difficult and stressful, and often times a loved one offers to help with the process and be a kind of proxy for the victim. There are several ways in which a friend or family member can contribute. After the accident victim has applied for benefits, the insurance company

one is filled out by the victim’s family doctor, the second by the victim’s employer, and the third must at least be signed by the victim. A friend or family member can help the victim fill out this form, the “Notice of Claim” form.

We recommend that the victim participate in the claims process as much as possible. While it is difficult to have to make an insurance claim after a stressful accident, it’s worth it to secure a fair settlement.

A family member can be a great and valuable help with things like scheduling or transportation. The accident victim will need to be present for things like medical examinations, but a spouse or friend can act as a kind of secretary, and greatly alleviate the stress of the experience not only through his or her actions, but simply by being there for the victim.

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