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Bicycle Helmets & Safety


Bicycle helmets save lives and help prevent brain injury. In NB, NS and PEI, cyclists of all ages are required to wear a helmet, it’s the law. In Canada, 7,500 cyclists are seriously injured each year, with many suffering from moderate to severe brain injuries. Studies indicate helmets can provide an 88% reduction in the risk of brain injury. Suffering any injury is upsetting, but a catastrophic injury that could have been prevented is tragic. This is particularly true for cyclists who suffer traumatic brain injuries that could have been prevented with a certified bike helmet.

Whether you ride a bicycle every day for your commute to work or you enjoy a weekend ride, these 4 tips will help you stay safe:

1. Get a proper bicycle helmet: As stated above, bike helmets save lives and help prevent brain injury. It’s the law in NB, NS and PEI that cyclists of all ages wear a helmet.

2. Wear bright colored and reflective biking gear: Make sure you are seen by other cyclists and by motorists when you are riding. Some accidents occur because car drivers did not see the cyclist. Do everything you can to avoid that, make sure everyone can see you.

3. Have your bicycle checked and serviced: Just like cars, bicycles need tune ups. Don’t ride bikes with worn out or defective brakes or tires. This can result in serious collisions and injuries. Make sure that your bike is working properly so that you can have a safe ride.

4. Follow the rules of the road & avoid distractions: Respect motorists, pedestrians, construction workers, pot holes and other hazards which the roads will present. Ride your bicycle where it’s safe to do so. Beware of your surroundings. Avoid being distracted; don’t wear headphones and put your cell phone away. It’s always a good idea to slow down.

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