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5 Important Tips for Driving in Dangerous Weather

1. Check the Road

Sometimes the road can be deceitful, giving the appearance that it’s clear, when it could be icy or slippery. While being safe, and aware of your surroundings, check the road by slowly pulsing the breaks. If the car stops easily, the road is good. If not, pay extra attention while driving.

2. Driving in Fog

While driving in fog, the most important thing is to be seen by others. Give yourself lots of space, and do not use high beams. High beams will reflect back the light, and cause glare. Take it slow, and use pavement markings to help guide you.

3. What to Do When Drifting

If you are drifting, do not panic. The most common mistake is turning the wheel every which way to try and gain control, which overcompensates, and makes matters worse. Slowly pulse the breaks, until the car slows down enough to regain control.

4. Divide by 2

In dangerous situations, and dangerous weather, going fast will only make matters worse. Slowing down is only dangerous if other drivers are going full speed and aren’t expecting it. A rule of thumb, divide the speed limit by 2. Do not go under that. If the speed limit is 80, do not go below 40.

5. Keep to 1 Surface

If the roads are wet, snowy, or icy, try as best you can to keep all 4 wheels on the same surface.

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