2012 Nova Scotia Insurance Benefits

On April 1st 2012 the Government of Nova Scotia launched updates to Section B insurance benefits. These increase the compensation available and bring the benefits roughly in line with those in New Brunswick.

The changes were recommended by an independent review, and are included with every motor vehicle insurance policy in Nova Scotia.

Benefit Current New
Medical and Rehabilitation $25 000 $50 000
Funeral expenses $1000 $2500
Death benefits
Head of household
Spouse of Head of Household
$10 000
$10 000
$25 000
$25 000
Loss of income $140/week $250/week
Housekeeping $70/week $100/week

No premium increases if no claim is made

The 2012 reforms also include a ban on premium increases if no claim is made. Previously, if you reported an accident and paid for all expenses yourself, your insurance company could still increase your premiums.

As of April 2012, that is no longer the case – your insurance company cannot increase your premiums if you have not made an insurance claim.

This change was made to encourage drivers to report accidents. Previously, people would often not report their accident when paying for damages out of pocket for fear of having their insurance premiums increase.

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