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15 Things To Do After An Accident

If injured in an accident, it is important to take all the necessary precautions for your health, and for the benefit of your claim.
Here are 15 things to do after an accident.

  1. Inform your family doctor of your injuries.
  2. Call a lawyer for a free meeting to better understand your rights, obligations, and options.
  3. Report the accident to your insurance company, and ask them to send you the accident benefits forms.
  4. Fill out and send the required accident benefits forms to your insurance company. Keep copies.
  5. Do not speak or meet with insurance adjusters or claim investigators until you have spoken with a lawyer.
  6. If placed off work, notify your employer or school.
  7. If you are off work for more than two weeks, contact employment insurance to make a claim for EI benefits. Call Service Canada  – Toll Free  1-800-206-7218.
  8. Update pictures of your injuries as much as possible.
  9. Record the names and contact information of your health care professionals.
  10. Keep track of your expenses.
  11. Make copies of all your receipts.
  12. Family members should record dates and times spent caring for the injured person.
  13. Check for other insurance coverage (through your work, school, or private plans).
  14. Follow the recommendations of your doctors.
  15. Try to get into rehabilitation as soon as possible.

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