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10 Tips on Dealing With Your Insurance Company

Getting in a car accident is stressful enough. On top of the strain of dealing with injuries and damages, your insurance company will also be attempting to deal with you directly. You cannot count on the insurance company to take care of your best interest. Here are 10 tips on how to deal with your insurance company effectively.

  1. Document any damages and injuries, and write down anything you remember from the accident.
  2. Report your claim as quickly as possible, and check if you have coverage under more than one policy.
  3. Take detailed notes about any interactions you have with your insurance company.
  4. Keep receipts and records of any expenses associated with the accident.
  5. Be honest with your insurer, but don’t apologize. Even if you’re embarrassed or worried, any  inaccuracies or dishonesty can jeopardize your claim.
  6. Be aware of “negative equity”. If the car is totalled, your insurer may only cover the cash value of the car although you may owe more than that.
  7. Don’t automatically accept the insurance companies estimate or appraisal of your lost damages, as the company may try to lowball you.
  8. Don’t accept any cheque marked “final payment” from your insurer unless you are fully advised of your legal rights.
  9. Don’t sign anything without talking to a lawyer first.
  10. Know you are entitled to Section B – No Fault Benefits (as explained on our website).

Insurance companies are not always looking out for you, and may try to have you sign away your rights. Be patient, and follow these tips to deal with your insurance company in the most beneficial way for your claim.

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