School bus driver helping children across the street in front of the bus.
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10 Road Safety Tips for School Children

As the academic year commences, and the familiar sight of school buses graces our roads once again, ensuring the safety of our children takes center stage. While buses offer a secure mode of transportation for students, it’s essential for children to be well-versed in road safety. Here are ten indispensable road safety tips tailored to the Canadian context:

1. Scan for Bikes and Cars: Before pulling out of driveways or garages, always take a moment to scan for bikes and cars. Visibility can vary, and it’s crucial to ensure that other road users are aware of your presence.

2. Heed Traffic Guards: When crossing the street, adhere to the guidance of traffic guards. Only proceed when they signal that it’s safe to do so, ensuring a coordinated flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Crossing guard helping children cross the road
When crossing the street, adhere to the guidance of traffic guards.

3. Maintain Distance: While waiting for the bus at the stop, stand a significant 6 feet away from the curb. This precautionary measure provides a buffer zone, enhancing safety as students board the bus.

4. Stay Sidewalk-bound: Whenever possible, avoid walking behind the bus. Stick to the sidewalk to minimize any potential risks and ensure your visibility to both the bus driver and other road users.

5. Visibility is Key: Make yourself consistently visible to the bus driver. This includes avoiding blind spots and ensuring that the driver can always see you clearly.

6. Cross with Caution: When crossing in front of a bus or car, exercise patience. Wait for the driver to signal that it’s safe to proceed before crossing, ensuring a coordinated movement with the vehicles.

Girl walking and listening to her cell phone
Make a conscious effort to stay focused on your surroundings, keeping distractions to a minimum.

7. All-around Vigilance: Once the bus driver gives the signal, remember to look in all directions before crossing the road. This added precaution ensures you’re aware of any potential hazards.

8. Dropped Items Alert: Accidentally dropping something in front of a bus or car can be a common occurrence. However, don’t rush to retrieve it immediately. Instead, alert the driver to ensure your safety.

9. Embrace Crosswalks: Even if the road appears clear, always use designated crosswalks. This simple step helps instill good habits and guarantees safer road crossings. Use the cross walks that have a crossing guard.

10. Be Mindful of Distractions: In today’s digital age, it’s easy to get absorbed in gadgets or conversations while waiting for the bus or crossing the road. Make a conscious effort to stay focused on your surroundings, keeping distractions to a minimum. By staying attentive, you enhance your awareness and ensure a safer journey to and from school.

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