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10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor After an Accident

After sustaining injuries in an accident, your number one focus should be your recovery. Part of the recovery process is visiting your doctor or medical professional. Getting the most out of these visits entails asking the right questions to gather all the relevant answers and information you may need. After an accident, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of your injuries and treatment options that are available. Answering these questions can help to prepare you for the future of your injuries and your claim.

Here are the ten questions you should ask your doctor to ensure you have all the necessary information for your recovery:

1. What Are My Injuries? You may have multiple injuries diagnosed at different times. Asking for a list of all your injuries persuades your doctor to go into details that may not have otherwise been explored. Do not be afraid to ask follow up questions, and get a physical list to bring home and refer back to if need be.

2. Will These Injuries Affect My Future? Asking this question will give you an idea of your recovery and challenges you may have in the future. If your doctor predicts you will have injury symptoms for years to come, this may affect work, your goals, your relationships, and more. You will also be given a better idea of future medical and care expenses.

3. How Long Will My Pain Last? Your doctor can make an educated guess about how long your injury will affect you with treatment, your estimated recovery time, and your estimated percentage of recovery. This can give you a better idea of how long the pain will last and what your future lifestyle may look like.

4. Can I Return to Work? Your doctor recommends returning to work when they believe their patient is ready and stable enough to do so. Your doctor looks at your physical and invisible injuries to determine if going back to work will do more harm. This avoids the risk of returning to work before you are ready. Lost wages are an area in which you can receive compensation, so it is important to have a doctor’s opinion on when it is appropriate to return to work.

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5. Can I Have Copies of My Medical Records? Having copies of your medical records gives you access to all information about your injuries and is helpful to your claim. Your lawyer will often request these medical documents on your behalf.

6. How Did I Sustain These Injuries? Having a medical professional explain to you and creating documentation saying that the injuries you suffer from are due to the accident you were involved in will disprove any claims that your injuries were pre-existing.

7. What Is My Treatment Plan? Physicians have specified plans that are unique to their patients and medical history, so it is important to know your treatment plan and stick with it. Depending on your injury, the plan might be long and complex, so have a copy to bring home in case you need to refresh your memory.

8. What Are Possible Complications? Your prognosis may not go as planned, so it is always smart to be prepared for the complications. After a plan has been made for your recovery, ask about the range of possible problems, complications, and outcomes that may arise.

9. What Should My Medication Plan Look Like? Your doctor may prescribe you medication for your injuries, but it is also important to ask about what your over-the-counter medication plan should look like, and how often you should be taking these medications. Following the plan of your doctor helps to avoid any further complications.

10. Are There Any Other Professionals I Should See? Sometimes, family doctors refer patients to specialists depending on the injuries. Asking your doctor about any other medical professionals will encourage them to go into detail about which specialists can help to improve your recovery.

Remember to take notes during your doctor’s appointments and ask for clarification if needed. If you have any concerns or uncertainties about your treatment plan or recovery, don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion or consult with specialists to ensure you receive the best possible care. Your health and well-being are a priority, and clear communication with your healthcare provider is essential for a successful recovery.

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